Worthless from the first day (tumblr).

Here is an interesting post from a website called elite trader.com dated July 19, 2016.

How could anyone not see how pathetic the purchase of tumblr was for Yahoo over 3 years ago….how could I see how much of a waste they were paying for such a worthless site yet the top executives at Yahoo thought this was the purchase of a lifetime…fools….I predicted this one perfectly.. Said tumblr was worth no more than $50 million and even that was an insane evaluation… Funny how quick these companies like yahoo go out and purchase companies they believe will be the best for their bottom line….when old school dot coms, media companies and tech companies buy these new social networking companies they are usually just throwing money away ….simple as that….

Yahoo ‘screws it up,’ writes down $482 million of Tumblr.

July 18 (2016)
NEW YORK.  Marissa Mayer may be ending her tenure at Yahoo on a sour note.

Yahoo is writing down the value of its Tumblr acquisition by $482 million, citing lower projections for the social network’s future performance, the company announced Monday.

This comes after Yahoo (YHOO, Tech30) took a $230 million similar writedown last quarter on its Tumblr buy.  CNN

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