The Martinet.

The Martinet is a French household whip. They could, until recently, be found in most hardware shops in France, often hanging in bundles from the ceiling. The classic Martinet has a wooden handle and anywhere from six to ten plain leather thongs attached to the handle. The thongs are all equal in length, usually about 12 inches long.


This vintage Martinet was found in an antique shop in Marseilles by a man on vacation with his girlfriend. As luck would have it he was looking for a birthday present for her and didn’t want to buy flowers. He paid 5 Euros for it, about $5.50, and as they say “it’s the thought that counts.”

He tells us on his blog that he restored the leather with soap and water. Here it is hanging up to dry.


And here is his girlfriend after receiving her thoughtful birthday present.

Here is the post in French: The Martinet

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