The 300th Post.

I started this blog last September for fun. It is a personal venture like a diary. Unlike a diary, however, it can be shared with hundreds of people immediately. It certainly has been fun and I have every intention of continuing to see where it takes me. If it is not already obvious from early postings, I have no prior technical knowledge of websites and what is involved in running one, like code and formatting and posting. What I have learned has come from the Internet and trial and error. There is one very generous website developer called Dear Blogger that has helped me. This is a great resource for the beginner and I highly recommend this site if you want to launch out on your own.

A couple of observations. I hope the viewer will explore the whole site not just the most recent. There are many gems waiting to be discovered. I hope people will comment. I have no way, nor would I ever want to, of tracking information about viewers. You are anonymous here and we all share a common interest. You are among friends.

That said, my thanks to the people who visit. There have been 33,791 views since the site was launched. Please keep coming back.  

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