Spanked across her skirt.

Hi. In trouble are we? Tut, tut. I like girlie girls. They always think they will get off with a little blush to the cheeks and a sorrowful look. They squeal the most while being punished and make a lot of promises to be good hoping you’ll let them off. Don’t be fooled. Girlie girls enjoy a long, slow, and sensual spanking.

Once resigned to her fate a girlie girl becomes submissive and sexual. She will rub her clitoris hard against your thighs in rhythm with the spanks landing on her bottom. Spank, rub, gasp. Spank, rub, gasp. Keep the rhythm going. Don’t stop. This may take some time but it’s worth it. You are in control now. In control of her pain, in control of her pleasure.

You’ll know when to stop. Suddenly she’ll push that little love button into your thigh as hard has she can, her body will stiffen, her gasps will fill the room and then all will be silent as she heads off into her dreams of perfection. Some time later you will have a beautifully, limp, and flexible young woman across your lap. Rub her bottom now and tell her what a good girl she has been. And then fuck her as if the world was ending tomorrow.

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