They will never behave.


This animation is from the website Deviant Art.  The artist is called killadogg.  The majority of the artist’s work is bondage in very elaborate configurations.

After her spanking.

These pictures are from an artist called Gesperax on the Deviant Art website .  They are all the final picture in the sequence that leads up to a spanking.  Please enjoy them.  

They have all been very bad.

And we all know what is going to happen to each of them.

(These are fine art photographs.  They were found on the website  They are unaltered, exactly as presented.  Also, each print is for sale.  Please enjoy them.)

A great collection of naughty girls.


These are all from

You have all been very rude and naughty.

Now is the time to pay for your bad behavior.  Six naughty girls waiting to be spanked.


Six badly behaved girls.

It is more than six of the best that they are all receiving at the new school.  Ouch!


She was very rude.


We all know what happens to rude girls.  


After a long and painful spanking.

You will behave from now on or there is more to come.