Kiss Me Kate.

Every year the writer of the website Vanilla Spanking publishes a roundup of all the productions of Kiss Me Kate during the past year. It is a very comprehensive roundup from all over the world.

And this year is no exception: Kiss Me Kate.

With productions from England, Wales, Ireland, Germany and plenty from the U.S.A.

The one problem I have with productions of Kiss Me Kate is that Kate always seems to be wearing plenty of protection, crimped dresses and full petticoats, when it comes time for her long overdue spanking. This is why it is important for Petruchio not to hold back at this climax to the play. All will be lost if the audience doesn’t believe that Kate has been thoroughly tamed, particularly with that much padding to protect her. So Petruchio, spank her like you mean it and the audience will congratulate you both on a very believable performance.

Kiss Me Kate is fertile ground for spanking pictures. Here are two collections from other websites:

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