Interview with spanking model Kiri Kelly (2007) Part 2.

How did you decide to become involved in the professional spanking world? Up until I discovered the professional spanking & bondage world, I had tried to explore my fantasies with men that I was involved with, but they weren’t into it themselves, which always left me frustrated. My main motivation in pursuing this professionally was to explore these desires that I had my entire life.

What was it like working with Ed Lee of Nu West? He certainly has formed a reputation in the spanking world and has been a serious influence on many people in the spanking business! What can you share about that? At first, it was fine. He had treated me decently and I had no qualms with him until that last video, when I felt that he was “out of control.” I lost all respect for him after that.

cap078Discipline South Africa Style (1988). A Nu West production.

How do you feel about your celebrity and notoriety? Who was your role model in the spanking community? I am very flattered and honored. One of my basic needs is to please others, so I am thrilled that I have been able to please so many with my work. I remember running into a woman once who told me how intimidated she was by the dark and sinister videos that were out there and how after viewing some of my videos, she had made the decision to “come out of the closet” regarding her fetish desires, because I was able to present them in a positive light. She said that she had never been happier and that it was thanks to me. Hearing something like this just means the world to me! As for a role model… probably Stephanie Locke. I had worked for her, for a brief time, when she ran Private Quarters, a private B&D house. This was at the beginning of my career when I was still exploring the professional fetish world. She was a tremendous mentor and I felt that I learned a lot from her.

You worked with some of the most popular and well-known Tops and spanking models in the business for years while employed with Nu West and Shadow Lane. What can you tell us about those experiences? What was that like for you? Most were good experiences, because they knew what they were doing and how to properly administer a spanking or other corporal punishment.

You were lucky enough to have worked with Eve Howard and Tony Elka at Shadow Lane in the very beginning…what was that like? What can you share about those experiences? I have very fond memories of Eve and Tony and still consider them friends. I knew Eve when she was writing her first book and was just beginning to get Shadow Lane off the ground. I was always happy to work with them and they were always very responsive to suggestions and provided a very comfortable working atmosphere. It was obvious to me that they shared a passion for the subject matter and weren’t just “pumping out” videos with purely monetary goals, which I had seen in other companies. They have my deepest respect and love.

Who (if anyone) inspired you to become a spanking model? No one, in particular. As I mentioned, I stumbled upon an ad, which is what started my career.

Do you have any advice for young spanking models wanting to break into the business?  Stay with reputable companies. I would highly recommend Shadow Lane or working with Chelsea Pfeiffer. After my experience with Ed Lee, I would not recommend starting with Nu-West.

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