Everyday spanking implements.

I have never been very keen on specially made spanking implements when there are so many everyday items that are perfect for discipline. You can find them sitting around any household or office. The wooden spoon is an obvious first choice. Found in almost all kitchens around the world, a wooden spoon comes in all shapes and sizes and can deliver a good stinging spanking at a moments notice.

So can a spatula, also found in most kitchens.

Then there are different tools for different types of cooking. The Chinese are masters at cooking in a wok, the round-bottomed cooking vessel that allows food to be constantly moved around quickly at a high temperature. So while browsing around a wok shop in Chinatown in San Fransisco a number of years ago I came upon this interesting item.


This is a wooden paddle designed to move food around the wok while cooking. It is a good size being over a foot long and has a nice solid feel.



Perfect I thought, I know another use for this well-designed tool. I decided to buy it and approached the elderly lady at the counter. I must have been subconsciously swing it a bit or moving it in my hands because when I handed it to her she gave me a huge grin and a knowing nod. In fact she couldn’t stop smiling has we exchanged cash and she placed it in a paper bag with a good part of the handle sticking out. 

Maybe she thought other ladies in Chinatown would be as amused as she was when they saw the handle in clear view. I can only assume I was not the first person to work out an alternative use for this tool. 


I left Chinatown without incident and arrived back at the hotel I was staying with my girlfriend. She was less than impressed with my new purchase after we tried it out. She complained that it really packed a sting and how could I think this was a good souvenir to bring back from our travels. Actually, I thought it was a good souvenir because every time I used it when we returned home I told her it reminded me of our great vacation in San Fransisco. It’s always nice for a couple to have shared memories.


(c) photographs, used with permission.

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