“Are you the new girl?”

“Yes, Sir. My name is Sarah.”

“Well Sarah, welcome to your new school. Please follow me to my study so I can explain the school rules.”

“All girls are expected to follow the rules, otherwise they will receive a visit with the cane just like this naughty girl.”

“Oh my, I promise I’ll follow all the rules Sir.”

“I’ll be a good student, Sir. But, Sir, I’m too old to be punished like that. I’m almost nineteen and in my last school they had done away with that sort of punishment.”

“Precisely Sarah, and that is why your parents sent you here. We haven’t done away with the more traditional methods of education here at this school. And so you are aware, I have a signed letter from your parents given permission to apply these methods.”

“Now here is a fine example, Sarah.”

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