A Spanking Sonnet.

Corner, Lap, and Bed. 
A Spanking Sonnet by Don A. Landhill.
And now I stand, between my corner’s walls
my skirt pinned up, my bottom on display
To think on how my work must come before my play
And grounded for a week from trips to malls.
My eyes are red, a sullen sniff recalls
The scolding that he lately sent my way
And his command that shamefaced here I stay
And think upon my crimes, until he calls.
And now he calls me forth, and o’er his lap
He turns me, and I brace myself for blows.
His hairbrush strikes me with a solid *Whap*,
I feel the salty tears run down my nose.
And afterwards, sent for a quiet nap
I know relief from guilt, and gain repose.
 Copyright (c) 2003 (reprinted with permission).

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