Honor students.


Welcome to your new school. Let me show you some of the traditional methods we use here. Our school is known for turning out some of the finest young women in this state. Remember what is required of you – to be polite, attentive and charming. When, and if, you accomplish these essentials you will leave this establishment as honor students. 

One stroke for every minute you are late.

Well, Miss. Glad you could make it. You are only twenty minutes late. I feel sure you will remember how late you are because in this class it’s one stroke for each minute. So Miss, come here, we are going to do a little exercise across the horse.  

Oh no! I didn’t mean to be late. I just forgot. Please it won’t happen again.



Meanwhile in another part of the school another girl is in big trouble.

I’ve just spoken to your parents.



And they have given me permission to deal with your behavior in any way I choose. 

Your kidding! The worst I ever received from them was a hand spanking. Your not going to use that thing on me?

Her instrument of correction.

She needs to bend over the chair in the other direction. Like this:

Now you can have an unimpeded swing at her bottom. In the top shot this would have been impossible because of the chair back. Placing a naughty girl in the correct position for her punishment is a skill that requires patience and determination. We all know you want to get to work on that bottom as soon as you have said “bend over.” But if you pause for a moment and consider the maximum impact and pleasure (yes pleasure, we can discuss that in another post) for her, then consider the arch of your arm and any obstacles in the way. 

Once you have her in the perfect position then you can spank her until both of you are fully satisfied.