A little background history.

The following interview with Kiri Kelly took place in 2007 and was published on a blog called The Spanking Couple.  The blog no longer exists.  A reference on another blog dated November 21, 2007 confirms that The Spanking Couple blog is closed and that the owners were Dr. and Veronica Daniels.  No other information is available (additional information would be very welcome).


The production company Nu West still exists but is not producing new material since the death of its founder Ed Lee (Dave) in 2013.  Ed Lee was a pioneer in spanking productions.  Starting first with filming on 8mm and then changing to the newly available video cameras he filmed real spankings with real people.  No red lipstick marks on a young ladies’ bottom for him.  If the model was to be caned then the results were real tram lines.

Ed Lee famously stood up to the Department of Justice (DOJ) in the early 1980s, refusing to be intimidated by warnings from the DOJ that his productions lacked social context and therefore could be illegal.  He wisely prepared to fight them by simply adding a social context to his stories.  For example: the reason she is being spanked is for missing school, or being rude, or smoking pot, or staying out late, etc.  Ed was never prosecuted and all subsequent spanking producers owe him a great debt for his brave stand.


To this day you can still instantly recognize a Nu West production for a number of reasons.  There are almost no sets.  All the action usually takes place in a big empty room with just a desk and a chair as a prop.  There is an abundance of fake wood paneling on most walls and there is very little dialogue between the players.  The qualities of his productions are appalling.  You can often not make out the image because of such low quality equipment used.  He certainly pioneered the use of video but failed to upgrade to higher quality as new technology became available. 

Ed also worked out a very clever trick with multiple camera angles.  It worked like this – if you have three cameras filming a spanking, one is a wide shot, one is a medium shot, and one is a close up shot.  They are all recording the same action as it happens.  So if you start with the wide shot and the hand lands on the bottom three times and then join the medium shot of the same three spanks, and then join the close up of the same three spanks, it looks to the viewer that the spankee has received nine spanks when in reality she has received only three.  A clever trick but once you know, it is very noticeable in many of his videos.

In the end Kiri Kelly did not have a good experience with Nu West which she recounts in this interview.

Other people mentioned in the interview are Eve Howard and Tony Elka.  They both worked for Nu West in the 1980s and then went on to establish their own spanking production company called Shadow LaneShadow Lane still exists today and has expanded from just spanking to more explicit sexual content.  They are famous for organizing an annual spanking party.  The most recent one held in Las Vegas was their twenty-fifth.

vlcsnap-2016-10-27-16h35m40s218webEve Howard, Tony Elka, Ed Lee and Michelle in
Out of the Closet (1985?) A Nu West Production.

Alexis Payne, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Stephanie Locke and Tanya Foxx are also mentioned in the interview.  They all worked for Shadow Lane at the same time as Kiri Kelly

Alexis Payne was a dominant and starred in the last two productions that Kiri Kelly appeared in for Shadow Lane, Our Sorority and Hard Discipline.  She is now retired from the scene.

Chelsea Pfeiffer is still very much active with her own production company called Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment.

Stephanie Locke continues working and lecturing as a fetish artist.  She has been photographed by Helmut Newton.

Tanya Foxx was a prolific actress starring in numerous fetish, spanking and S&M movies.  She had a gorgeous bottom (as did most spanking models) and used every opportunity to display it to her audience.  It is unclear if she is still active in the scene.

Interview part 1.

Interview part 2.

Interview part 3.


Interview with spanking model Kiri Kelly (2007) Part 1.

Interview with Kiri Kelly

Scene name: Scene name is Kiri Kelly

Location: Florida

Age: **

Current website URL or blog URL: Don’t have a website or blog, although I am aware of a fan club site in Italy.

How long have you been in the spanking business? I was in the business, professionally for about 5 years. I’ve been retired from the industry for over 15 years.

When did you first become aware of the spanking business and how? I was beginning a modeling career and was working with a personal manager who was getting me primarily lingerie jobs. While looking through the L.A. Weekly, which sometimes advertised for modeling work, I came across an ad for “fetish models.” I didn’t know that there was such a thing and wondered if it truly combined modeling with the secret fantasies that I had my entire life. So, I responded to the ad and it turned out to be a still photographer who was shooting for a variety of fetish magazines. I did 5 shoots for him, including a bondage and a spanking shoot. For the spanking shoot, he offered to put rouge on my butt to simulate a spanking, but I said “You’re not going to take my fun away, are you?” So he said to “Go for it,” which we did. After the shoot, he said that if I could do that, that I should be doing videos, and he gave me the number for Nu-West, which began my career in fetish videos.

Tell us about your first real spanking? Who gave it to you? Technically, my mother gave me my first spanking, although I don’t remember it. This story was recounted in the book “Different Loving.” She is aware of my career and relayed the story to me of how she had spanked me once, when I was young. I went away crying but came back later and said “Thank you mommy, I needed that.” She said that she thought at the time that I realized that I needed the punishment, but now she wonders if I just enjoyed it! As for my first adult spanking, I honestly don’t recall the first time. I know that I did explore this with a boyfriend, and I recall enjoying it, where I knew that I craved it, but it wasn’t overwhelmingly memorable, because I was also disappointed & frustrated. It seemed obvious to me that he wasn’t into it and was only going through the motions to try to please me. This was basically what I experienced in my next couple of relationships and it was many years before I was with someone whose passions were ignited by this as much as me. When that happened… it was explosive!

How did you react to your first spanking and what was that like for you? (Pretty much explained this above.)

What is your favorite spanking memory? Your worst? There are three favorites that I would have a hard time choosing between… My favorite “professional” spanking was the last video that I was in: “Hard Discipline,” which I did for Shadow Lane. I was tired of always shooting spanking videos where I had to pretend to hate it, and wanted to just show someone enjoying it. Another favorite memory took place at one of the first Shadow Lane parties. I took place in a staged skit. Being spanked in front of a live audience of about 300 people was an experience that I will never forget! One of the most memorable personal memories happened with a gentleman about 6 years ago. He started by lightly using his hand, then progressed to floggers and eventually to harder paddles. He controlled the slow build up so that I was always wanting more… and more… until he was using full force and it still wasn’t enough! This is what I have always longed for… a spanking that isn’t painful but is a building of sensations that continues to increase.

vlcsnap-2011-07-29-23h23m22s108webKiri Kelly and Ed Lee before the falling out.

As for my worst… that has been pretty well publicized before, and was the caning video, which was the last one that I did for Nu-West. I had never been brought to tears on a set before and had many times asked Ed Lee to stop, but he responded each time by saying “Oh… so you want more?” I was quite literally “in shock” by the time the video was done and was barely coherent for a couple hours after. Usually I would end up bruised after a video, which would last a week to 10 days. After this video, the bruises were so deep that I ended up bruised for 3 months! Which also put me out of work for that long.

Interview with spanking model Kiri Kelly (2007) Part 2.

How did you decide to become involved in the professional spanking world? Up until I discovered the professional spanking & bondage world, I had tried to explore my fantasies with men that I was involved with, but they weren’t into it themselves, which always left me frustrated. My main motivation in pursuing this professionally was to explore these desires that I had my entire life.

What was it like working with Ed Lee of Nu West? He certainly has formed a reputation in the spanking world and has been a serious influence on many people in the spanking business! What can you share about that? At first, it was fine. He had treated me decently and I had no qualms with him until that last video, when I felt that he was “out of control.” I lost all respect for him after that.

cap078Discipline South Africa Style (1988). A Nu West production.

How do you feel about your celebrity and notoriety? Who was your role model in the spanking community? I am very flattered and honored. One of my basic needs is to please others, so I am thrilled that I have been able to please so many with my work. I remember running into a woman once who told me how intimidated she was by the dark and sinister videos that were out there and how after viewing some of my videos, she had made the decision to “come out of the closet” regarding her fetish desires, because I was able to present them in a positive light. She said that she had never been happier and that it was thanks to me. Hearing something like this just means the world to me! As for a role model… probably Stephanie Locke. I had worked for her, for a brief time, when she ran Private Quarters, a private B&D house. This was at the beginning of my career when I was still exploring the professional fetish world. She was a tremendous mentor and I felt that I learned a lot from her.

You worked with some of the most popular and well-known Tops and spanking models in the business for years while employed with Nu West and Shadow Lane. What can you tell us about those experiences? What was that like for you? Most were good experiences, because they knew what they were doing and how to properly administer a spanking or other corporal punishment.

You were lucky enough to have worked with Eve Howard and Tony Elka at Shadow Lane in the very beginning…what was that like? What can you share about those experiences? I have very fond memories of Eve and Tony and still consider them friends. I knew Eve when she was writing her first book and was just beginning to get Shadow Lane off the ground. I was always happy to work with them and they were always very responsive to suggestions and provided a very comfortable working atmosphere. It was obvious to me that they shared a passion for the subject matter and weren’t just “pumping out” videos with purely monetary goals, which I had seen in other companies. They have my deepest respect and love.

Who (if anyone) inspired you to become a spanking model? No one, in particular. As I mentioned, I stumbled upon an ad, which is what started my career.

Do you have any advice for young spanking models wanting to break into the business?  Stay with reputable companies. I would highly recommend Shadow Lane or working with Chelsea Pfeiffer. After my experience with Ed Lee, I would not recommend starting with Nu-West.

Interview with spanking model Kiri Kelly (2007) Part 3.

How do you feel about labels in the spanking community like; Top, bottom, and switch? Are they important? How would you label yourself? I don’t particularly like them and feel that they can be restrictive. For instance, someone might think that I should be labeled a switch because I have switched in the past, when the situation called for it, but it is not the basis of my desires. If I had to label myself, it would be as a sensual submissive.

Do sex and spanking mix? What are your thoughts on this? Yes!!! Basically, I consider spanking and all fetish activities as foreplay, when it comes to a romantic relationship. I am glad that sex was not a part of the videos that I was in, because I would not have wanted to do that on camera, but in a personal relationship, I definitely believe that they mix.

vlcsnap-2014-02-23-09h44m14s231webTwo Spanked Cheerleaders (1986). A Nu West Production.

Who are your female role models and why? The person who comes to mind is Angelina Jolie because she isn’t afraid to be who she is and was not ashamed to admit her “kinky” side, but she is a beautiful person, inside and out and I love her penchant for helping others, who are less fortunate.

Do you have any current spanking projects? Please tell us about them! No. I have been working behind the camera doing erotic still photography.

Who is your favorite Female Top and why? Alexis Payne. I felt that we had an immediate bond the first time that we worked together and we would always look forward to the opportunity to work together. I also considered her a friend outside of work. She is stunningly beautiful and is another woman who I find just as beautiful inside as out.

Who is your favorite Male Top and why? I would have to say Jay Dee because of the personal relationship that we shared off camera. It was the first time that I really knew what it was like to be with someone who shared my desires.

What spanking models have you enjoyed working with and admired the most? Alexis Payne, Eve Howard, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Stephanie Locke, Tanya Foxx

Who would you have loved to work with that you never had the opportunity to work with before? Keith Jones, who has worked with Shadow Lane.

What spanking scene would you love to do that you have never done before?  It isn’t a matter of what scene as much as with whom. I have had some phenomenal experiences during my career, but I left the industry to search for a personal, life-long relationship with someone who shared my passions, and I am still searching.

Do you have a spanking fantasy you would like to see come true? If so, will you share it? (Above pretty much sums it up… to share my passions with someone that I am in love with.)

Who (if anyone) in the spanking community inspired you to go after your dreams? Probably Stephanie Locke, because she was the first woman that I saw who was able to make a career based on her desires.

Now that you have taken a break from the spanking business for a while do you think you will ever want to make a come back? If so, what do you imagine that looking like? I don’t see it at this time. I believe that it is best left to the younger models.

What do you like to do for fun? I love any opportunity to get together with my friends, whether we are seeing a movie or just hanging out. I also love to dance and have recently started Ballroom Dance classes.

Favorite movie: The Princess Bride. Other loves: Titanic, Pirates of the Caribbean, Shanghai Nights, Memoirs of a Geisha and an old time favorite is Cat Ballou.

Favorite book: Anne Rice’s Beauty Series (The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, Beauty’s Punishment & Beauty’s Release, written under the name A. N. Roquelaure) I also love all of her other works, particularly her Vampire Chronicles. Other favorite authors are Stephen King and Dan Brown.

Favorite actress: Julia Roberts. When I have seen her interviewed and from what I have heard about her, she seems genuinely as beautiful on the inside. Other favorites include Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore, and I think Dakota Fanning is an exceptional talent for her age.

Favorite actor: If I had to pick one, probably Johnny Depp. Other favorites include: Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks, Robert Wagner, Richard Gere, Robin Williams & Jackie Chan

Favorite food: Chocolate! (otherwise Filet Mignon, BBQ, Thai Food, Japanese Teppan)

Favorite cocktail: Chocolate Martini

Published on FRIDAY, JUNE 1, 2007 on the website The Spanking Couple.  The interviewer is Veronica.