Some young ladies have to be restrained.

And some don’t.  It doesn’t matter.  They are all going to receive a long overdue spanking.

Journées Chaudes (Hot Days) by René-Michel Desergy.

From the French novel Journées Chaudes (Hot Days) by  René-Michel Desergy. Published in Paris in 1931.  The illustrations are by N. Carman.

Inside and outside.

A word please.


Yes you.  I would like to have a word.

The girls are having fun.

Is this before or after they have had a good spanking?

The hairbrush.

One of the finest instruments available for a spanking.  All of these young ladies would agree.

A good hand spankng.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Somehow not as good as her bottom, but this is just a starter.  She won’t be sitting down in a short while.



She receives the hand, the hairbrush, and the strap.

Because she stayed out all night and didn’t tell her parents.  Silly mistake and now she is paying for it.

The kitchen spoon and the occasional spatula.

All put to very good use.